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  • Each pouch contains 100 grams of MB SuperFoods Chaga Organic Mushroom Powder
  • This product is 100% organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and completely vegan

MB Superfoods Organic Chaga Mushroom Powder

What is Chaga

Mushroom experts laud Chaga as the king of mushrooms. It has been heavily used for centuries by traditional healers on continents such as North America, Europe, and Asia. Chaga Mushroom Powder is ground from these pure and organic mushrooms.

Many different names across the world know Chaga. Some of its names are kreftkjuke, Birch canker, black mass, cinder conk, clinker, and conk rot. This mushroom has a hard texture. It can be dried, powdered, and even used as a tea.


This product contains certified 100% Organic Chaga (or Inonotus Obliquus) mycelial biomass powdered. This mushroom powder has been cultured with organic oats.

How to use Chaga Powder

Add one teaspoon (2 grams) of MB SuperFoods Organic Mushroom Powder to your favorite juice, smoothie, or recipe daily. We highly recommended that you consume twice the typical dose for the first three weeks.

Do not exceed stated daily amount. Store in a cool and dry place, outside the reach of children.

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Reviews (25)

25 reviews for Chaga Mushroom Powder | Organic | MB Superfoods

  1. (25)

    Mark Johnson

    I have used this product for about three weeks. I have noticed considerably less inflammation in my body and 4 lb weight loss with no change in diet or exercise. Mental clarity is improved as well with loads of energy. I use 1/4 tsp in my morning smoothie.

  2. (25)


    I’ve heard about Chaga and its benefits for some time, but the idea of drinking it considering what it is…well, didn’t sit with me. However, after listening to a popular podcaster sip on his and describe it better, I decided to give this a go. The flavor is very similar to Pu-erh tea but slightly milder. All medicinal claims aside, I always feel good after a cup of this stuff.

  3. (25)


    It really works. My stomach is working again. This Chaga is the best. The other one didn’t work!

  4. (25)

    Jackie Boone

    I love Chaga! It is added to my morning coffee daily. It helps with digestion. It eases any bloating & makes the cells tingle with joy. It doesn’t change the flavor of my coffee. It only adds nutritional benefits. During these trying times, give your stomach a boost, all the while giving your immunity a boost too. Gut health is a plus!

  5. (25)


    I’ve been mixing Chaga mushroom in my coffee for years. This is an excellent addition to your immunity building. Along with vitamin D3, zinc, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C, it aids in strengthening your immune system, which is immensely important in this day and time. It is of excellent quality, so it does a great job in helping to build up your immune system.

  6. (25)


    I started adding these mushroom powders to my coffee every morning on the recommendation of a dr friend of mine. I like don’t love mushrooms, so I enjoy these powders. They add enough excellent flavor, but they don’t overwhelm with too much flavor. I really enjoy them.

  7. (25)


    The Chaga I usually get comes from bulksupplements.com, but it’s currently backorder. It’s an extract and dissolves almost completely. Most make a tea out of it or put it in with the coffee grounds when preparing their coffee. I stir it in my cup of coffee, roughly a 1/3 to 1/2 tsp. I find that not only is it healthy, but both enhance the coffee’s flavor. Unlike the extract I usually get, this brand doesn’t dissolve and leaves grounds-like particles in the cup. I stir frequently and swish it around when it gets near the bottom of the cup and consume all of it. I find it to be an excellent product.

  8. (25)

    Dorothy Brown

    I enjoy the product, especially in the winter months. I heat my water and add the Chaga and a little cream. The only problem is getting the powder to combine with the water. Suppose I let it sit for a little while. That helps. Other than that, I love the product. It has many beneficial effects. I’ll be drinking it for the rest of my life!

  9. (25)

    Isabel Keenan

    We got two packages of this Chaga back in January, and my husband puts a bit in his coffee every morning. he LOVES it!!! It lasted him until just now. Super easy to get more online. Well worth the money.

  10. (25)


    Great value for the healthy boost that gets every day.

  11. (25)

    Walter Shelton

    Being stressed so much from work, I had to look for something to help with my stress. My friend then showed me this product, and it has done wonders for me considerably less stressed since I started taking not a cure but surely reduces my stress

  12. (25)

    Martha Ortiz

    This powder was incredible. Not only did it go well with both smoothies and milkshakes. The boost in disease prevention is noticeable. I bought this when I was fighting a cold, and after two days of combining this into a smoothie, I felt better without any drowsy side effects. These are worth it.

  13. (25)

    Linda Womack

    I recently started making “potions” instead of coffee using this along with reishi and cacao, cinnamon, etc. I’m happy to report it seems to give me a clear focus, and ZERO jitters/stomach issues like regular coffee or caffeinated beverages usually do. Super satisfied with this product.

  14. (25)

    Joyce Carruthers

    It is good! I used it to make “Chagaccino” for family members dealing with inflammation.
    1 tsp of each: Chaga, cocoa, & monk fruit sweetener mixed with expresso and nut milk. Very delicious, healthy, and gives lots of energy.

  15. (25)

    Martin Peterson

    Fantastic. I brew one full teaspoon with 4 cups of water covered, on low heat, without boiling; then wait for it to cool off, keep in a fridge for two days and drink it for 1-2 days. I feel it makes me feel better overall.

  16. (25)

    Beverly Quesada

    As soon as you begin to take the product, you notice the difference in your mental clarity almost immediately. I made a shake at around 8 am finished it by around 8:45 am, and I almost immediately felt a difference. I felt like I would feel about 11 am on a typical day. Highly recommend

  17. (25)

    Scott Collins

    I love this Chaga. Nice and dark, not bleached out, so it feels very natural. Price is the best I’ve found!

  18. (25)

    Eileen Gidney

    I’ve been taking this for a couple of weeks, and I feel my energy level is upgraded, and I sleep better.

  19. (25)


    I add this to my spice tea and morning coffee! Like the flavor and the idea that I am supporting my immune system

  20. (25)

    Beverly Nelson

    We had read about this product and wanted to integrate it into our diet because of the health benefits, but we weren’t sure what it would taste like. And after tasting it, we realized it kind of tastes a little bit like instant coffee, and now we hurt to add it to our coffee in the morning.

  21. (25)

    Jane Cook

    I use Chaga every day for its immune help and protein and fiber.

  22. (25)

    Charlotte Hunter

    I love this product; I put it in my coffee every morning as a part of my vitamin regimen to avoid Covid19. Has antiviral properties. Doesn’t change the flavor of the coffee at all.

  23. (25)


    All-natural and good flavor! It makes me feel good after drinking it. With unexpected results, it improves my depression and let me feel more calm and positive.

  24. (25)

    Eleanor McCurley

    I feel great. And I know this isn’t what people like to talk about- but I go to the bathroom more regularly now! Before, it was like every other day, irregular and uncomfortable to pass, etc. Nows it’s more like 2 x a day and easy to wash. SO that’s a definite improvement from these mushrooms! Also, Chaga has a lot of antiviral properties, so it can be beneficial in helping to fight sickness. I feel better just knowing that I am taking it and an added immunity booster from something natural and unique.

  25. (25)


    I have been using these mushrooms on and off for over a year now. Fantastic with coffee and honey.

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