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Our affiliation with partners is a source of mutual satisfaction, as they relish promoting our products.

This symbiotic partnership is advantageous for both parties, and the reasons are clear.

Our affiliate program boasts one of the most lucrative earnings available in the organic mushroom market. To facilitate your success, we provide the latest banners, ads, and catchphrases to approve our affiliates swiftly.

We welcome bloggers or influencers whose niche covers wellness, mental health, sports, fashion, healthy lifestyle, yoga, vegan-lifestyle, vegetarian and organic lovers!

We are excited to collaborate with you if your website has significant traffic and can persuade your followers to buy MB Superfoods’ EU organic products.

Kindly complete the form below, and our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

How does it work?

The steps are simple:

  1. A visitor clicks on an affiliate link located on your website, Instagram page, YouTube channel, or email.
  2. As soon as the visitor clicks on the affiliate link, our advanced software tracks it.
  3. The prospective customer is now navigating our site and choosing to place an order.
  4. When the customer completes the transaction, you will be notified of the sale you assisted in generating, and you will receive a generous commission for it.

PS: We have great news! The sale doesn’t need to be finalized immediately. Our website stores cookies and their IP address for a full year. You will receive a commission notification once the sale is complete.

Are you an existing affiliate?

If so, simply click on our Affiliate Login Link and enter your username and password. You can access your affiliate account here and view banners and create linking codes.


✅ We make it easy for you to become an affiliate and create an account.

✅ Our many affiliates are earning significant profits by selling our products.

✅ You receive special discounts on our premium products as an affiliate.

✅ Our state-of-the-art affiliate program quickly and easily tracks your sales and commissions.

✅ We offer the highest commission rate of 20% on each product, including discount deals.

✅ Fast and free setup with no cost to you. Get started right away.

✅ We track cookies for one year.

✅ Our affiliate control panel provides easy access to referrals, commissions, and payouts.

✅ Our affiliate support is user-friendly, and we provide graphical banners, text links, and advertorials to refer customers for free.

✅ Commission payouts are fast and easy, and we pay every month.

✅ We payout on total earnings from the previous month.

✅ There is no minimum payout required.

✅ We are seeking long-term partners who want to offer the best products on the market.

Become an Affiliate. Register here!

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