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Turkey Tail Mushroom (100 Grams Powder)

Boost your immune system and overall health with our Turkey Tail Organic Mushroom Powder. Made from 100% pure Trametes Versicolor fruiting body, our powder is rich in beta-glucans and polysaccharides for optimal nutritional benefits.

With no fillers or additives, it’s a natural way to enhance your body’s defenses and support your well-being. Order now and experience the power of Turkey Tail Organic Mushroom Powder for yourself!

  • Use half a teaspoon: Finely milled and delicately flavored; stir simply into your desired shakes, smoothies, yogurt, or soups;
  • No additives: No added sugar, Organic, Vegan, No GMO’s. 
  • Smart Mushrooms: Viably cultivated, certified EU organic. Chinese grown mushrooms from the forest, to our farm, to you.

What is Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder?

Delve into the world of holistic wellness with Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder by MB Superfoods. Sourced from organic farms, our Turkey Tail Mushroom powder is meticulously crafted to capture the potent benefits of this revered mushroom species. With its distinct fan-like appearance and earthy flavor profile, Turkey Tail Mushroom has been cherished for centuries for its immune-supporting properties.

Handpicked by our experts and carefully dried to preserve its integrity, each mushroom undergoes a meticulous process to ensure purity and quality. Ground into a fine powder, our Turkey Tail Mushroom blend offers a convenient way to incorporate this powerful superfood into your daily routine.

Experience the natural richness of Turkey Tail Mushroom, renowned for its polysaccharide compounds and beta-glucans, which are known to support immune function and promote overall well-being. Embrace the wisdom of nature with every serving of our Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder, your path to vitality and balance.


100% Organic and 100% Turkey Tail (Trametes Versicolor) Mycelium Mushroom Powder.

Free from Additives

All products are 100% natural and certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free, with no sweeteners, no fillers, no additives, no preservatives, or anything artificial. Simply nature’s best!

How to Use

Looking for an easy and convenient way to incorporate the benefits of MB SuperFoods Organic Mushroom Powder into your daily routine? Simply add one teaspoon, which is equivalent to 2 grams, to your favorite meals, drinks, or smoothies. For optimal results, consume two teaspoons, or 4 grams, per day.

Please note that it’s important not to exceed the daily advised amount. Store the powder in a dry, cool place, and keep it out of the reach of children. With our versatile and easy-to-use powder, it’s never been easier to enjoy the benefits of organic mushrooms. Order now and start experiencing the difference for yourself!

This Product is a Must-Have

Turkey Tail is a fantastic product, and we are so proud to offer you a product with the finest quality of Turkey Tail.

Purchase the MB SuperFoods Turkey Tail today!

Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder

Let’s take a quick look at the compounds (trametes versicolor mycelium) that make Turkey Tail mushrooms an important addition to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Mushroom
  • Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor)
  • With PolySaccharide Peptide (PSP)
  • Contains Polysaccharide-Kucha (PSK)
  • Non GMO, no pesticides.
Additional information
Dimensions 140 × 40 × 210 cm


Reviews (30)

30 reviews for Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder

  1. (30)

    Harrison Weber

    I am just starting to take this during the covid pandemic to boost my immune system. This is a 1-month supply, and you need to take 3 per day to get the best benefit. I am very impressed with the quality. I use my nose to see if supplements are fresh, which passes the test! I smell wonderfully “mushroomy.”

    These are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, organic, and grown in NL.

    It seems like an excellent price considering the quality and freshness.

  2. (30)

    Isabel Cano

    I’ve only recently discovered the health benefits of turkey tail mushrooms; therefore excited to give this brand a try. I’ve been taking it for about two weeks, and here’s what I’ve noticed:

    – My mood has improved
    – I feel much more centered (focused), especially when I workout
    – I have frequent and vivid dreams
    – My digestive system has been more regular

    No flavor, easy to drink; I take a recommended dose in the morning and a few hours before bed.

    I recommend looking up the health benefits of turkey tail and giving this product (Toniiq) a try. You can’t beat the quality for the price.

  3. (30)

    Sally Gonzalez

    This is an excellent product because it helps keep me feeling great. I had a cold recently, and after taking these for about two days, it just went away! These helped me get over my cold, and honestly, I’ve never felt better ever since. They’re easy to mix with any drink, and there is no bad taste.

  4. (30)

    Bob Hudson

    I did a little research on turkey tail mushrooms and found them to be harmless. They’ve been used in Eastern medicine for ages. I’m all for any help I can get for my immune system. Being eco-friendly and organic is a big plus. It smells a little like mushrooms but faintly, not bad at all. Easy to mix with any drinks & has a pleasant appearance.

  5. (30)

    Lois Mann

    We’ve had a few other OM products before, including bulk. They are among the more careful producers on the market. You won’t get a better product at this price point. Turkey tail is very healing for the body and is thought to unmask pathogens/cancer so that the body’s defense system can find it and eliminate it. Great product.

  6. (30)

    Mark Wigginton

    I add this to my smoothie every morning. I noticed a huge difference right away in my gut health.

  7. (30)

    Daniel Young

    This is a top brand in mushroom supplements. A lot less expensive to buy the powder than the capsules. The powder mixes thoroughly in water and would do great in a smoothie. The taste is fine even alone. It’s well known that mushrooms, especially turkey tails, help with immune function. So important these days.

  8. (30)

    Kayla Mitchell

    I used this product religiously in the pull form and wanted to try the powder form in my coffee. It has a slight taste but not so bad that I can’t drink it. I use creamer so that taste could be different for black coffee drinkers. It does not entirely devolve, so you have some to swallow at the end. I don’t mind because I know the benefits.

  9. (30)

    John Herman

    The smell can be a little off-putting but mixed with food easy to use.

  10. (30)

    Nancy Fry

    Glad to see these products in the powdered form now. Much cheaper all around. I use this to fight cancer. Used it for my dog’s lymphoma and now my cat’s nose cancer. Love that they are organic.

  11. (30)

    Seth Nelson

    I’ve been taking turkey tail supplements from Host Defense for about eight months. I haven’t caught any colds or anything since I started taking it. I took the capsules before, but I switched to the powder because of the significant price difference. It doesn’t taste delicious. But if you mix it in peanut butter and put it on toast, it hides the taste pretty well.

  12. (30)

    Winfred Beaubien

    This is a very good product! I put a half teaspoon in my breakfast oatmeal every morning. This is the 2nd time that I have purchased it. It seems to be doing a good job in helping to keep my immune system strong!

  13. (30)

    Chris Lance

    As stated, it’s an immune booster, but, on a side note, I found it helped make me feel calmer and easier to be centered and remember things.

  14. (30)


    I’m Always looking for Healthy Energy and Brain Supplements (You need to cater to what you’ve got, right? Haha!) to be all I can be, and it’s always nice to try something new to me and be impressed. This seems to make me feel perfect for a while, with Energy and Happiness, and knowing it helps with the Digestive Tract, too, is a huge bonus. Aside from my specific needs, everyone needs to keep their digestive Tract for good health.

  15. (30)


    Great quality, no additives and amazing price <3

  16. (30)

    Everett Spencer

    I am using this superfood powder to enhance my daily nutritional shakes with immune-building substances… As I get older, I want to focus on more natural remedies to boost my health. It tastes great! I’ve also used it to make a super nutritious, immune-boosting hot cocoa!!!!

  17. (30)

    Olivia Lopes

    This health supplement product is top of the line as far as appealing, enjoyable packaging to quality, easy to mix with your desired drinks. You genuinely feel the producers of this Turkey Tail get it as far as the benefits, the production of a great version, and how it can help you and those you love. I’ve taken Turkey Tail before, which is why I took the opportunity to try this branding. Completely 100% satisfied and happy. The packaging is attractive and inspiring. Not sure how to describe it, but those of us who have been down the medical and pharmaceutical path get how refreshing and truthful these companies are and the products they serve us. I have never been to a medical doctor that I didn’t immediately go to my natural cure woman, who would always set me straight and give me an alternative to debilitating pharmaceuticals. Take head and comfort, and the Turkey Tail has helped reduce my husband’s PSA on his rare prostate cancer.

  18. (30)


    I was interested in this product for its antioxidant properties but was pleasantly surprised when my stomach health and overall wellbeing seemed to improve. I will admit the first couple of days were difficult in terms of gas and bloating, but by day 3, I felt pretty amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing the long-term effects.

  19. (30)

    Kathleen Hart

    My husband takes a daily mushroom blend immunity supplement by Synergy to help boost his immune system because he works with the public in retail as a manager. Aside from customers getting sick, employees are always getting sick. My husband, who is no spring chicken, gets sick too (& usually passes it on to me), but thankfully he doesn’t get sick as much as he potentially could, considering how often waves of various illnesses pass through the store he works in each year. When he gets sick, he takes Rescue Remedy, also by Synergy, along with many organic home remedies such as elderberry, ginger, zinc, chicken bone broth, etc. He also continues to take his mushroom supplement.

    While I still like the Synergy mushroom blend better than this, it is not because this is a wrong product – it’s not. It’s because there is more mushroom variety in the Synergy blend & it happens to come in an amber glass bottle. This comes in a plastic bottle which, with all the plastic problems, sucks. Aside from that, this is a great product. It has no fillers & contains only organic turkey tail mushrooms.

    Overall, I am super happy with this product.

  20. (30)

    Andrew Mello

    A couple of reasons that I ordered Turkey Tail is for its many benefits and the positive reputation of the company that has this in their product line-up.
    Two of the benefits I’m excited about are the reduction of inflammation and the mushrooms’ digestive supportive properties. I have read reviews where people have seen an improvement in their digestion. As a runner and an older adult, I support any natural product that helps with inflammation. I have purchased other products from Microdose Bros and am a happy customer.

  21. (30)


    A little pricey, but the benefits outweigh the price. I am noticing numerous health issues improving. Thanks Pal!

  22. (30)

    Omer T. Ozveren

    My covid defense. Awesome immunity booster

  23. (30)

    Ms. Kelly

    Making Turkey Tail during the Covid-19 Crisis. I tend to place a good deal of my focus on maintaining good well-being on my health. I do not ordinarily take Turkey Tail, but I did a good deal of research for products that would increase my immune system. Turkey Tail is a good choice, so I bought it. Can I say it is working? My only response is that I have not contracted Covid-19 or any other issues while taking it.

  24. (30)

    Oliver Sinclair

    This is a Great immune booster!!!

    Love these!! I started buying these for everyone in my family to strengthen our immunity during COVID. We feel tremendous and recover from the common cold very quickly. We will continue to take these in the long run, even after COVID.

  25. (30)

    Janneke A. Garfinkel

    A friend who is a cancer survivor recommended it to us. Despite exposures, my husband and I take it faithfully and have been without colds and flu (and Covid) for several years. How can you argue with that kind of history

  26. (30)

    Chris Mills

    I use this product to boost my immune system. I started using Turkey Tail for my german shepherd that developed mast cell cancer. He was supposed to live only 30-90 days but instead lived eight months after diagnosis.

    I started using Turkey Tail after she passed. I haven’t had my usual cold and bronchitis that I usually get, plus I’m hoping it continues to shield me against the flu and covid-19. So far, so good! I believe in natural remedies for good health. Thank you for a great product!

  27. (30)

    Erwin Meijer

    My wife and I have been using Turkey Tail for a while. It’s a Miracle supplement, truly. I recommended it to a friend who had a walnut-sized growth on the top of his scalp. The growth was benign and was there for years. Once he took the TT, it was gone in a few months, never to return. I had a “thing” in my uterus, and after fours months of TT, it was gone. Turkey Tail is a miracle worker! I tell EVERYONE about it!

  28. (30)

    Matt C

    I like the potency of this product. The benefits are easily noticeable. As part of a nutritional regimen, I administered Turkey Tail to my Mother during her battle with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. She is currently cancer-free, but we continue the regimen.

  29. (30)


    Purchased Turkey Tail Organic powder for my dog. But it found its way into my shakes aswell! Great product

  30. (30)


    Good for my dog . That have mass cell tumour

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