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Turkey Tail Extract Capsules

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Turkey Tail Extract 120 Capsules

Turkey Tail (Trametes Versicolor), also known as fairy bench, is the most researched mushroom for its medicinal properties. Studies have been done into the effect of this mushroom in various types of cancer and viruses. It was investigated whether this mushroom can contribute to the reduction of these cells and viruses by increasing the immune system.


Turkey Tail Extract 120 Capsules

McMyco Turkey Tail Can help with:

– Complaints such as flu, colds, herpes and even chronic fatigue.
– Anti-aging; makes the skin elastic and supple and can provide strong and shiny hair
– Support in autoimmune diseases.
– The probiotics in the mushroom allow the body to create good bacteria in the stomach and intestines.

How to Use

2x daily 1 capsule during the meal with water.


400mg Organic Turkey Tail (Coriolos Versicolor) 100% Fruiting Body Extract. Excipients: magnesium citrate, silicon dioxide.


120 capsules.

Product warning

Keep out of reach of children. Consult your doctor before use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have health problems. Store at room temperature in a dark place.

Reviews (20)

20 reviews for Turkey Tail Extract Capsules

  1. (20)

    Marinke van Middelkoop

    Turkey Tail has many health assertions, even helping prevent or fight cancer. It blends easily into protein shakes.

  2. (20)

    Noé van Voorden

    Everything about it is excellent! Turkey Tail Extract Capsules have been part of my morning ritual. It’s helping me cope with my daily stressors in life. Feeling more confident that my immune system is better with it. Feeling healthier overall

  3. (20)

    Jarmo Rooijackers

    Turkey Tail was easy to use and did not taste bad, but I’m allergic. Horrible blister rash.

  4. (20)

    Ihssane Schelling

    Great product! I mix it with my cappuccino with a little oat milk, a dash of maple syrup, and some cinnamon in the evening. You can’t even taste it!
    I’ve been using it for about a month now and have noticed an improvement in my resistant system.

  5. (20)

    Antonius van der Hilst

    Very tasty product. Painless to mix into green tea in the daytime or chamomile at night. Reduced by swelling immensely

  6. (20)

    Sherida Bolten

    Turkey Tail Extract Capsules is a great product for individuals who prefer to use the natural course for total body homeostasis. The capsule is easy to swallow and leaves zero aftertastes. Great for the immune system

  7. (20)

    Ceyda Kruijs

    I have a liver condition, and I bought Turkey Tail Mushroom capsules to help support my liver. Turkey Tail Extract Capsules is the best and most influential brand of mushroom product that I have found. I am totally satisfied and will continue to purchase Turkey Tail Mushroom capsules as long as they are available on Microdose.

  8. (20)

    Jelly Slagmolen

    I’m 67 and very active. I take Turkey Tail, along with Rishi and Lions Mane. I have much more stamina and no low blood sugar dip after lunch. Pretty significant for me. I am impressed with how quickly and invariably mushrooms work!

  9. (20)

    Abida van der Veen

    I just began using this product to fight my hr HPV, and so far, I don’t get any trouble with it, but it seems good.

  10. (20)

    Janiek Chiu

    Absolutely great if you need to improve your gut health. My IBS signs have finally slacked a bit, and I don’t have to worry about eating in public which is great. I’ve missed being able to live a normal life as most people do. Thanks, Microdose!

  11. (20)

    Emi Koelink

    I began taking the turkey tail capsules about a week ago. I have boiling lips and gums that are probably linked to “Burning Mouth Syndrome.” I am happy that I am starting to feel much better. I will continue using these Turkey Tail Extract Capsules.

  12. (20)

    Marck Gaastra

    Having tried half the products of Turkey Tail, the turkey tail caps are my favorite. They’re awesome for lifting my mood on a day-to-day basis.

  13. (20)

    Ivor Ouwehand

    I was looking for something to build my immune system, which had been compromised with chemotherapy. I was very pleased with the results of Tukey Tail Extract Capsules; been taking it for about one month, and I feel good. My energy is back, and that alone is a true blessing.

  14. (20)

    Loredana Klap

    Gut health and interest in its anti-cancer properties. Noticeable improvement in digestion and regularity

  15. (20)

    Tiago de Wilt

    I love the product; Turkey Tail helps me strengthen my immune system.

  16. (20)

    Aloys de Hooge

    I bought these because I’ve heard these help while fighting breast cancer, and I believe they have made a big difference in fighting my stage 4 Rh breast cancer. The doctor said I would be fighting this cancer for the rest of my life and my life would be shortened, but after three years of taking these supplements, she said she doesn’t normally say, with the stage I have, that I’m in remission.

    However, she told me on my last visit that I was in remission for all intents and purposes. These mushrooms made all the difference over the last 3 years and positive thinking.🙏🙏

  17. (20)

    Ayşe Hulsbergen

    I always trust these supplements and take the Turkey Tail ones to help heal my gut issues. Thanks, it is beneficial for my body.

  18. (20)

    Jason Out

    I am using Turkey Tail Extract Capsules to boost my immune system. They are very effective.

  19. (20)

    Ganesh Webers

    My son and I both used Turkey Tail Extract Capsules for different reasons. I for arthritis threw out my body. I noticed the difference immediately. My son uses it for joints hurting, mostly his back.

    He said he hadn’t felt this good in a long time. The only problem he has, he said it doesn’t last all day. Told him to take 2 more in the afternoon. My son is a big boy and very physical with his job. Always on the go. Will continue to buy.

  20. (20)

    Calvin Snoei

    I take Turkey Tail Extract Capsules every day. My friend mentioned them. Love it

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