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Sacred 7 Organic Mushroom Powders

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MB Superfoods Organic Sacred Seven Mushroom Blend – 100g

Elevate your well-being with MB Superfoods Organic Seven Mushroom Blend. This thoughtfully crafted blend combines the potent forces of Reishi, Chaga, Shiitake, Maitake, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Tremella, delivering a harmonious symphony of health benefits.

Meticulously cultivated in natural habitats and processed with care, our mushrooms offer a rich source of vital nutrients. From immune support to unique medicinal properties, experience the holistic goodness of this organic blend.

Simply add 4g to your daily routine—whether in smoothies, juice, or a comforting tea—to unlock nature’s wellness for a healthier you. Certified organic by the Soil Association and embraced by the Vegan Society, our product represents a commitment to quality and your vibrant well-being.

Discover the essence of nourishment with MB Superfoods.


MB Superfoods Organic Seven Mushroom Blend

Unleash the inherent vitality of nature with MB Superfoods Organic Seven Mushroom Blend—an exquisite fusion of mushrooms celebrated for their comprehensive health benefits. This extraordinary blend curates a spectrum of vitamins and minerals, providing a natural fortification to the immune system, empowering the body to stave off infections and illnesses.


Embarking on a journey rooted in quality, MB Superfoods meticulously cultivates organic mushrooms in their natural environments—nestled on wood logs and substrates. A stringent process begins with rigorous contaminant analysis, followed by meticulous cleaning and sorting. The mushrooms undergo grounding and sterilization, preserving their heat-sensitive nutrients. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that only the most exceptional product reaches you, with the powder meticulously sieved and expertly packed.

Key Benefits:

  • Gentle Processing: Our mushrooms never endure temperatures surpassing 45 degrees Celsius, preserving the integrity of heat-sensitive nutrients.
  • Unique Medicinal Properties: Each mushroom imparts distinct health-giving polysaccharides and medicinal properties.
  • Protein Source: A natural wellspring of protein contributing to the maintenance of muscle mass and normal bone health.


100% Organic Mushroom Powder (14.29% Reishi, 14.29% Chaga, 14.29% Shiitake, 14.29% Maitake, 14.29% Lion’s Mane, 14.29% Cordyceps, 14.29% Tremella)


Our product is devoid of substances causing allergies or intolerances, aligning with Directive 2007/68/EC. No colors, binders, fillers, or preservatives are introduced. Certified organic by the Soil Association and proudly registered with the Vegan Society.

Suggested Use:

To harness optimal benefits, we recommend incorporating 2g into smoothies, mixing with juice, or preparing as a tea in hot water. Prior to integrating nutrient-dense products, we advise consulting with your doctor.


  • Follow the recommended daily dose; consult with a doctor if undergoing medical treatment, pregnant, or nursing.
  • Food supplements do not substitute for a diverse diet.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • If adverse reactions occur, discontinue use and consult your doctor.

Note: Packaging may vary, but contents remain consistently superior.

Reviews (15)

15 reviews for Sacred 7 Organic Mushroom Powders

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    Sacred 7 not only provides a top-notch product but also excellent customer service. Any questions or concerns are addressed promptly, making the overall experience even more enjoyable.

  2. (15)


    I’ve been incorporating Sacred 7 Organic Mushroom Powders into my daily routine, and the results are incredible. This blend is a game-changer for overall health, providing a natural boost in energy and supporting my immune system.

  3. (15)


    Not only are the Sacred 7 mushroom powders incredibly nutritious, but they also add a delicious earthy flavor to my morning smoothies. It’s an easy and tasty way to get a variety of health benefits in one go.

  4. (15)


    I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my focus and mental clarity since incorporating Sacred 7 into my routine. It’s like a natural brain boost that helps me stay sharp throughout the day.

  5. (15)


    What sets Sacred 7 apart is the commitment to quality. The organic mushrooms are sourced responsibly, and you can taste the difference. I appreciate knowing that I’m putting a premium product into my body.

  6. (15)


    Sacred 7’s combination of seven organic mushrooms creates a well-rounded blend that supports holistic well-being. From immune support to enhanced energy levels, it covers all the bases.

  7. (15)


    One of the best things about Sacred 7 is how easy it is to incorporate into my daily routine. I add a scoop to my morning coffee, and I’m ready to take on the day with a natural energy boost.

  8. (15)


    As someone who values immune health, Sacred 7 has become a staple in my wellness regimen. The mix of mushrooms provides excellent immune system support, especially during colder seasons.

  9. (15)


    I’ve tried other mushroom blends that upset my stomach, but Sacred 7 is gentle and easy to digest. No more digestive discomfort – just pure, natural goodness.

  10. (15)


    Whether I’m hitting the gym or going for a run, Sacred 7 gives me the stamina I need for a great workout. It’s become an essential part of my pre-exercise routine.

  11. (15)


    Surprisingly, Sacred 7 has positively impacted my sleep quality. I find myself getting into a deeper, more restful sleep, and waking up feeling refreshed.

  12. (15)


    The attention to detail extends to the packaging. Sacred 7 comes in a thoughtful, sustainable package that reflects the brand’s commitment to the environment.

  13. (15)


    Stress is a part of life, but Sacred 7 has helped me manage it more effectively. I feel a sense of calm and balance, even during hectic times.

  14. (15)


    The purity of Sacred 7’s organic mushroom powders is evident from the first sip. It’s a potent blend that delivers on its promises without any unnecessary additives.

  15. (15)


    I love experimenting with Sacred 7 in various recipes. From soups to energy balls, it adds a unique depth of flavor while boosting the nutritional content.

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