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MB Superfoods Camu Camu Organic Powder – 100 grams

Key Features:

  • High Vitamin C Content: One of the highest among all plants globally.
  • Rich Nutrient Profile: Beyond vitamin C, packed with flavonoids, antioxidants, and tannins.
  • Versatile Culinary Use: Perfect for a variety of culinary applications.
  • Organically Sourced: Meticulously harvested and packaged to preserve purity.

Experience the pure Amazonian vitality with MB Superfoods Camu Camu Powder Organic – a delightful addition to your wellness journey.


Discover the Amazonian Power of Camu Camu Organic Powder:

Derived from the lush depths of the Amazon rainforest, MB Superfoods  Camu Camu Organic Powder captures the essence of the small, vitamin C-rich Camu Camu fruit. Harvested from shrubby trees thriving deep in the swamp and rainforest, this organic superfood is a testament to the pure vitality of the Amazon.

The Harvesting Process: Our Organic Powder is handpicked from canoes, carefully peeled, pressed, and dried. Moreover, to preserve its nutritional richness, the dried Camu Camu undergoes a meticulous process in a custom-designed drying machine. This process maintains a constant temperature below 45°C. Consequently, the result is a finely ground powder that undergoes rigorous testing to ensure freedom from harmful microbes before packaging.

Vitamin C and Beyond: Camu Camu Organic Powder boasts the second-highest vitamin C content among plants globally, surpassed only by the Australian “BillyGoat Plum.” Moreover, beyond vitamin C, MB Superfoods Camu Camu Powder is rich in various flavonoids, antioxidants, and tannins. Therefore, it is a powerhouse of nutrients to support your well-being.

Organic Goodness for Various Applications: Due to its sour taste, Camu Camu fruit is traditionally not eaten as is. Instead, the organic Camu Camu powder finds its way into an array of applications. From naturally sweetened juices to enriching ice creams, jams, yogurts, and superfood recipes, the versatility of Camu Camu Powder adds a nutritious and tangy twist to your culinary creations.

Applications of MB Superfoods Organic Powder:

  • Smoothies, Juices, and Shakes: Boost your beverages with a burst of natural flavor.
  • Ice Cream, Candy, and Desserts: Elevate your sweet treats with the goodness of Camu Camu.
  • Fruit Salads: Sprinkle over for a tangy kick.
  • Superfood Creations: Incorporate into your favorite superfood recipes.

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Reviews (29)

29 reviews for Camu Camu Organic Powder

  1. (29)


    I adore this product! It effortlessly blends into any beverage, and my personal favorite is mixing it with orange juice. While it does have a robust flavor, it’s not unpleasant. I’ve noticed a positive change in my skin, and the fact that it boosts my immune system is a huge plus.

    The antiviral properties are particularly reassuring for me. Last year, I suffered from a viral sore throat that left me feeling terribly ill, and the doctor couldn’t do much since it was viral. I truly believe that incorporating camu camu into my routine will provide an extra layer of protection and help prevent anything like that from happening again!

  2. (29)


    I was trying it a spoonful in a glass of water and I drank it at once and the lumps were left on the bottom but now I put it in a covered glass of water and I take it to work, so I wait a while and it dissolves on its own and I I take it calmly, try it like this, wait a while for the water itself to absorb it and there will be no lumps below, of course move it a little first and that’s it.

  3. (29)


    Though I find that I detox too quickly with this product, my children seem to enjoy it without experiencing those symptoms. It has a subtle natural sweetness and virtually no distinct taste. I recommend incorporating it into a smoothie rather than consuming it with water alone, as it dissolves much more effortlessly. All in all, I highly recommend Lucerna for those looking to enhance their holistic lifestyle with a quality supplement.

  4. (29)


    Exceptional Camu Camu powder brand! Unlike other Camu products, this brand remarkably mingles seamlessly with my smoothies, offering a less pronounced bitterness that can sometimes overpower sweet flavors. I incorporate this powder into my smoothie packs as a natural Vitamin C supplement, and just a teaspoon delivers an impressive 1000+% of the Daily Value of Vitamin C. It’s an excellent method to boost antioxidant intake, promote skin health, and nourish your body. Highly recommended for a delightful and nutritious addition to your daily routine!

  5. (29)


    We’ve incorporated camu camu into our daily routine for over three years, seamlessly blending it into our morning smoothies. Thus far, we’ve been pleased with the product.

  6. (29)


    I’m a devoted advocate of holistic living, relying heavily on organic whole food supplements. Over the past three months, I’ve experimented with various products, and my overall well-being has significantly improved, particularly in boosting my immune system—a crucial factor during the challenging times of the pandemic. Recently, I tried Lucerna for the first time and noticed some detox effects, which, in the end, proved beneficial for me. I reached out to the company to share my sensitivity concerns, and to my surprise, they responded promptly. While I didn’t anticipate an immediate refund, they provided one without any inquiries.

  7. (29)


    Tasty! Experiment with it on vanilla ice cream by sprinkling and mixing to craft your own Lucuma-flavored ice cream – a beloved dessert in Peru. It offers versatility in its usage, making it a valuable purchase that delivers excellent value for money.

  8. (29)


    This product has seamlessly become a part of my daily routine! I’ve incorporated it into my routine by creating a refreshing adrenal drink, blending frozen berries, water, Camu Camu, and cream of tartar. With its slightly tart flavor, I’ve discovered that Camu Camu complements fruit exceptionally well. This supplement proves to be an excellent companion in promoting adrenal health, thanks to its rich vitamin C content – precisely what these crucial organs need!!!”

  9. (29)


    After experimenting with a rival brand’s Camu Camu product in the past, I became a devoted fan of this supplement. Who wouldn’t appreciate the convenience of getting a significant dose of vitamin C without consuming copious amounts of oranges?

    It has seamlessly integrated into my daily routine! I’ve been crafting a revitalizing adrenal drink, blending frozen berries, water, Camu Camu, and cream of tartar. Given its slightly tart taste, I find Camu Camu pairs exceptionally well with fruit. This supplement serves as an excellent ally in supporting adrenal health, thanks to its abundant vitamin C content, precisely what these vital organs crave!

  10. (29)


    This is my initial encounter with Camu Power, and while I don’t have a basis for comparison with other similar products, I must say, this one is quite unappealing and nearly impossible to consume.

  11. (29)


    The flavor is as anticipated, and it effortlessly blends into a solution, especially when using a hand-held mixer. The mixer is crucial, especially when incorporating it into juice or water.

  12. (29)


    Delicious addition to my smoothies! Originally purchased for inclusion in my homemade vitamin C serum to embrace the entire vitamin C spectrum rather than just ascorbic acid. However, the texture turned out too grainy, resulting in more of a vitamin C scrub than a serum. No worries, though! I’ve found a new use by incorporating it into my smoothies, and it’s fantastic! 😊

  13. (29)


    It’s decent, but I haven’t been able to discern its taste in any of the dishes I’ve added it to. It’s also supposed to aid in thickening, but I haven’t observed any noticeable difference. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it; it just didn’t meet my expectations in terms of its intended effects.

  14. (29)


    “Absolutely delicious, evoking fond memories of my childhood in Peru. I’m planning to purchase it again.”

  15. (29)


    This product lacks a distinct flavor, and I haven’t detected any sweetness so far, although it’s possible that I haven’t used a sufficient amount yet. I’m searching for a more effective sugar substitute

  16. (29)


    REVISED REVIEW: My initial impression of this product wasn’t great as it lacked sweetness and had a taste resembling dirt when consumed on its own. However, after experimenting by incorporating sugar, I used it to create a fantastic lucuma cheesecake and tiramisu, earning praise from everyone who tasted them. Adding a sweetener to this lucuma powder truly transforms the experience, making it a delightful and flavorful ingredient. Highly recommend sweetening it to enhance your enjoyment!

  17. (29)


    I consider Vitamin C to be a crucial nutrient, and it can be challenging to meet the recommended intake through a regular diet alone. I’m cautious about taking too many supplements, so incorporating Camu Camu into my routine provides a natural and effective way to boost my Vitamin C levels. I highly recommend encapsulating the powder or taking precautions like rinsing your mouth after consumption. Given its acidity, similar to citrus fruits, prolonged exposure can potentially harm your teeth. Additionally, I’ve noticed improved digestion when I take it with meals.

  18. (29)


    The product arrived promptly, and both the packaging and contents matched the description. There’s a significant amount of time before the expiration date, and the pricing aligns with other suppliers. The flavor is enjoyable, but being a first-time user, I lack a basis for comparison.

  19. (29)


    It enhances the flavor of my smoothies significantly, and the added bonus is that it doesn’t spike my sugar levels. While it may be a bit pricey, I find it worth the investment.

  20. (29)


    The flavor leans towards the sour side, which is appropriate. It includes a convenient scoop. I suggest limiting intake to one scoop daily, as the vitamin C content is quite strong; consuming two scoops may lead to digestive discomfort. I experienced gum pain during flossing, but after using this product for a few days, the pain has subsided.

  21. (29)


    First came across this product in 2023 and decided to acquire it as I was in search of a natural Vitamin C source, steering away from the synthetic options flooding the supplements market. Despite its distinctive flavor, I’ve adapted to it, especially when incorporated into smoothies where the taste doesn’t overpower. Recently made a repeat purchase and plan to consistently buy it in the future.

  22. (29)


    Discovered this product in 2023 and opted to make a purchase due to my preference for a natural source of Vitamin C over synthetic alternatives prevalent in the supplements market. Although it has a unique taste, I’ve grown accustomed to it, especially when added to smoothies where the flavor seamlessly integrates. Just made another purchase and intend to continue using it.

  23. (29)


    A top-notch choice for replenishing your vitamin C filter. Proven effective through testing, it efficiently removes chlorine. Additionally, it serves excellently as a vitamin C supplement.

  24. (29)


    Outstanding replacement for a vitamin C filter refill. Verified its efficacy with a testing kit, and it successfully eliminates chlorine. Also, a superb option as a vitamin C supplement.

  25. (29)


    After incorporating this product into my routine for a week, I’ve observed a noticeable improvement in my overall energy levels.

  26. (29)


    I gravitate towards obtaining vitamins and minerals from natural sources, and Camu Camu happens to provide the essential vitamin C that I require.

  27. (29)


    The tartness was more pronounced than I anticipated. I initially aimed to incorporate this into my morning smoothies, but the intense sourness clashed with the coffee I enjoy. However, I acknowledge that it’s my own choice to continue drinking coffee! Hehe

  28. (29)


    I added a small amount to my water before bedtime, resulting in a fantastic night’s sleep.

  29. (29)


    After extensive investigation, I discovered that Camu Camu serves as an excellent and highly bioavailable source of Vitamin C, readily absorbed by the body. Its pleasant taste makes it a delightful addition to my smoothies and beverages, and it dissolves seamlessly. I prefer to encapsulate it for convenient on-the-go usage, providing an extra boost for enhanced immunity. The powdered form not only offers the convenience I desire but also allows for cost savings by self-capsulating. Moreover, the product is certified organic. Given my positive experiences with various Micro Greens products, I trust their commitment to quality.

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Camu Camu Organic Power
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