We are glad to announce that we accept bitcoin payment. This makes purchasing our products much easier. Bitcoin is a digital currency. Unlike currencies issued by a government, it is not operate by a decentralised authority.

As a result of this bitcoin usage is not plagued with high transaction fees. This digital currency uses secure lines of code. This safeguards it from the manipulation that banks do with traditional money. This currency is available to everybody across the world. Your location does not matter when you are purchasing with bitcoin.

Here is a very good video with information on how Bitcoin works.

 Buying from MB Superfoods with Bitcoin

The steps below will show you exactly how to go about paying for your order with Bitcoins.

Establish a Bitcoin Wallet

Step 1: The first thing you will need to do is to visit https://electrum.org/#download and download Electrum. This program will enable you to transfer Bitcoins quite easily.

Step 2: Establish a wallet on the platform.

Step 3: You will need to record your ‘Generation Seed’ so that you can retrieve your wallet in the event that your computer fails.

Transfering Bitcoin to MB Superfoods

Congratulations on establishing a Bitcoin Wallet. Let’s now look at how to transfer your digital currency to MB Superfoods.

Step 1: After selecting the items you want to purchase, you will click the checkout icon. After checking out. You will then be presented with a page that shows you all the payment methods that we accept. Select the ‘Bitcoin’ option to pay with Bitcoins. 

Step 2: This will take you to the payment information screen. This screen will outline all the steps that you will need to take to pay us with Bitcoins. 

The information that we require includes:

  • The MB Superfoods Bitcoin address
  • The preferred payment method
  • Your order number

Step 3: Proceed to open the Bitcoin Wallet that you created

NB: Change to BTC instead of mBTC (Tools -> Preferences -> Appearance: Base Unit: BTC)

Step 4: Click the button that says “Send Money”. The screen that will then pop up will give you the option to enter the MB Superfoods Bitcoin address (‘Pay to’ section), the amount of Bitcoins to transfer (“Amount” section) and the order number (“Message” or “Description” section). 

Step 5: Click ‘Send’ to complete the transaction. After you complete these steps, we will process your order. 

How to Buy Bitcoin

If you do not own bitcoin but you want to benefit from the ease of use, security and low transaction fees that accompanies using this currency, you could buy it directly from Electrum (the platform recommended above for setting up a wallet). Bitcoins are purchased with real money. 

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Bitcoin makes purchasing items online super easy. It is also one of the safest means of making payments. We look forward to you purchasing our products with Bitcoins.