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Bio-Löwenmähne-Pulver | Hexenpilz


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  • Jeder Beutel enthält 100 Gramm MB SuperFoods Lion’s Mane Organic Mushroom Powder.
  • Dieses Produkt ist 100% biologisch, GMO-frei, laktosefrei, glutenfrei und vollständig vegan.
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Was ist Löwenmähne?

Ergänze deine tägliche Ernährung mit MB Superfoods Löwenmähne. Die Löwenmähne ist der wirksamsten Pilze im Reich der Pilze! Ein japanischer Forscher entdeckte die Löwenmähne im Jahr 1994. Seit seiner Entdeckung wurde viel über den Pilz geforscht.

Die Löwenmähne (oder Hericium Erinaceus) wächst als kaskadenförmige weiße Eiszapfen und ist essbar. Er ist ein Speisepilz aus Nordamerika, Europa und Asien.

Löwenmähnenpulver wird durch Trocknen der Pilze und Mahlen zu einem leichten Pulver hergestellt. Danach schmeckt dieser Pilz wie ein gesunder Ball!

Wie verwendet man Löwenmähnenpulver?

Du kannst Löwenmähnenpulver auf vielfältige Weise verwenden. Füge dieses Ergänzungsmittel deinen Lieblingsspeisen oder -getränken hinzu.

Du kannst einen Teelöffel (etwa 2 Gramm) in deine Rezepte, deinen Kkaffee oder deine Smoothies geben. Die besten Ergebnisse erzielest du, wenn du in den ersten zwei Wochen täglich zwei Teelöffel, d. h. 4 Gramm, einnimmst.

Dieses Produkt ist ein Muss

Löwenmähne ist ein fantastisches Produkt, und wir sind stolz darauf, dir eines von dieser Qualität anbieten zu können.

Kaufe MB Superfoods Organic Lion’s Mane Pilzpulver noch heute!

Wichtige Informationen


Es enthält 100% Löwenmähnenmyzel-Biomassepulver. Die Löwenmähne, auch bekannt als Hericium Erinaceus oder Perückenpilz, wird auf biologischem Hafer angebaut.

Frei von

Alle Produkte sind 100% natürlich und bio-zertifiziert, gentechnikfrei, vegan, paleo, glutenfrei, milchfrei, sojafrei, ohne Süßstoffe, ohne Füllstoffe, ohne Zusatzstoffe, ohne Konservierungsmittel und ohne alles Künstliche.

Einfach natürlich ist am besten!

Dosierung und Anwendung

Gib täglich einen Teelöffel (2 Gramm) Löwenmähne-Pilzpulver in deinen Lieblingssaft, Smoothie oder Ihr Lieblingsrezept. Wir empfehlen eine doppelte Dosis, d.h. 4 Gramm, in den ersten drei Wochen, um die gewünschte Wirkung zu erzielen.

Nimm nicht mehr als die empfohlene Tagesmenge ein. Außerhalb der Reichweite von Kindern aufbewahren.


Nahrungsergänzungsmittel sind kein Ersatz für eine gesunde und abwechslungsreiche Ernährung. Aussagen über Nahrungsergänzungsmittel sind nicht dazu bestimmt, Krankheiten oder Gesundheitszustände zu diagnostizieren, zu behandeln, zu heilen oder zu verhindern.

Es gibt immer mehr wissenschaftliche Literatur über den gesundheitlichen Nutzen verschiedener Kräuter, Gewürze, Pilze und Pflanzen. Aussagen über den möglichen Nutzen dieses neuen Superfoods werden derzeit von der Europäischen Behörde für Lebensmittelsicherheit (EFSA) geprüft. Lies mehr über Lebensmittelsicherheit auf der Website der niederländischen Behörde für Lebensmittel- und Verbraucherproduktsicherheit (NVWA).

Konsultiere bei der Behandlung einer Krankheit immer eine Arzt oder Apotheker. Weitere Informationen über Nährwerte und verschiedene Lebensmittelgruppen findest du unter www.voedingscentrum.nl.

33 Bewertungen für Bio-Löwenmähne-Pulver | Hexenpilz

    November 27, 2022
    Thank you for the good service and quick delivery. Anxious to explorer the benefits it will bring.
    April 19, 2022
    Je prends le Lion's Mane depuis une semaine pour enrayer des neuropathies dans les orteils et les bouts des doigts suite à une chimiothérapie agressive. Je prends en même temps de la niacine et des microdoses, ainsi que du Reishi pour le sommeil. Après une semaine les neuropathies sont toujours présentes mais j'ai l'impression qu'il se passe quelque-chose ! Mais ce que je ressens davantage c'est un regain d'énergie certain, des douleurs dans le dos qui s'atténuent et un meilleur transit qui était devenu préoccupant.
    Isaiah Wilson
    Januar 29, 2022
    I’ve had idiopathic neuropathy for the past six years or so, for which I was prescribed Lyrica. This is a powerful drug with unpleasant side effects, and I was not too fond of it but couldn’t stop because of the pain. Two years of supplements, herbs, exercise, and meditation helped me reduce my dosage from 400mg to 50, but I could not get below that. Enter Lions Mane. Within a couple of weeks, I am pain-free. It indeed seems miraculous. I’ve been on it for over a year, and even my neurologist is impressed. She has now even recommended it to other patients. I got nothing for writing this besides the hope of helping someone else.
    Natalie schachte
    Januar 29, 2022
    I originally purchased this product over six months ago for my wife, dementia. Because of the nature of her disease, I couldn’t tell if it was doing anything, so I started to use it myself – just one 2 grams a day. After a couple of three weeks, I noticed that my recall was faster than it had been. When I explained this to my daughter, she researched and decided on a different brand. Based on her research, which had something to do with the extraction method, I switched to capsules by another company and soon started to feel my recall slow down again. I then switched back to MB Superfoods, and things have improved. I can’t explain it, but I thought it was worth sharing.
    Januar 27, 2022
    This Lions Mane is super potentI have been taking these only for a few days. I had a few very vivid dreams. I rarely dream in color, and I tend to remember them when I do. I woke after seeing a vision that disturbed me immensely. I have been sleeping well and seem to be more attentive. I struggle with wild dreams. It’s a horror movie in my head at 3 am. SO I am taking them a little less and finding a happy medium. I want to sleep well but not so well. I dream I am talking to the dead. BTW, your grandma says hi and eats your vegetables.
    Bob Correa
    Januar 27, 2022
    As of the writing of this review, I have taken Lions Mane for one week. The changes I have noticed in myself were subtle at first but became more profound as each day went by. I take the powders, and I take 2 -4 grams per day. I am a 61-year-old night shift nurse battling depression, fatigue, and brain fog. So here are just a few of the changes in me: I am more keenly aware of my surroundings. The pain of clinical depression seems to have dissipated. I have more energy which helps tremendously at the end of my shift. And I am much more patient with doctors, ARNP’s, and pharmacists even when their action or inaction have placed my patients in jeopardy. Maintaining civility and professionalism is essential when advocating for the needs of my patients. Depressing thoughts have strangely disappeared. My patients have noticed that I am more upbeat and cheerful. I have also seen that I am more engaged with my wife in conversation and physical affection. I am more in tune with her wants and needs. And I am genuinely interested in hearing about her day. Am I a brand new man? No, but I am functioning much better, and I am very grateful for Lions Mane mushrooms. In a simple sentence: I feel like I am waking up.
    Januar 27, 2022
    MB Superfoods Lions Mane is an Amazing Product. No more foggy brain for us parents, no matter how tired we are. We take one each before bedtime, and it calms the mind into easy sleep and helps it focus and function in the daytime. Everyone in the family is more chill and less volatile now. It feels like my young brain is back. The caveat is we both have more vivid dreams now, and my husband started sleep-talking more (very entertaining). It seems to affect the REM cycle of sleep. I highly recommend this to stop forgetfulness.
    Jackson Bowen
    Januar 25, 2022
    This product is making a tremendous difference in my mom’s life and mine. I started giving this product to my mom, who’s 84. Her short-term memory was failing her miserably in such a short time. Within a week, we noticed that she could remember what she had eaten a couple of hours earlier. After just four weeks, she can remember who she talked to the day before. She can also remember that she hadn’t gone grocery shopping for months, which she hated doing.
    Januar 24, 2022
    Lion’s mane is a mushroom worth looking into. I tried it because I was looking for something that might help neuropathy, and I read that Lion’s mane might help. I believe it’s making a difference Lion’s mane has other benefits, too. Look at some of the research on the Fungi Perfect website, which says it supports memory and the nervous system.
    Laurel Fang
    Januar 21, 2022
    I am a dental student and was having brain fog. It was terrible as I forgot everything. I tried many things, then heard of Lion’s mane through my husband. Skeptically I ordered a bottle. To My surprise, I could tell the difference during the third week! It has made a noticeable difference, and my memory is much better.
    Ben Hart
    Januar 5, 2022
    This Lions Mane product is truly fantastic. There was a significant improvement within the first few weeks. I am an integrative physician and have worked with hundreds of supplements over 22 years. I have only seen one other product that came close to this. Suppose you have trouble finding words etc. This will work well for you.
    Luis Victor de Vries
    Dezember 15, 2021
    Better than my medicine! I have been taking another product from this company so my wife found this. I was seriously skeptical, having tried many other products from other brands. I am on an anti-epileptic drug. I have been getting worse and worse and needing more and more. Plus, I might have MS. Lately, my balance is also off, and I can’t walk. I get shocks and all kinds of fun things. I am a big believer in nature over chemicals, but it takes time to grow new nerves. But as soon as I tried it the first night, I had fewer shocks. I can take less medication now, and I have only been on it for three weeks or so. I highly recommend this product to anyone having nerve issues of any kind. It is also said it helps with immune function and cognitive function. I am not taking it for that, but their products are so effective that I am sure it works too!
    Danielle Erb
    November 21, 2021
    After a week of daily serving, I notice some increase in energy and focus. That is clear as day for me. Before use, I usually feel sluggish in the mornings and foggy-headed. Now, I can work and not feel distracted by other noisy thoughts. But, I must warn everyone who’s addicted to coffee (like me). There’s no way I could get rid of coffee in my morning routine so that I would add Lion’s Mane (1 tsp) with my coffee. It gives a running start to my day. I do have to admit, it also made my heart race a bit, at first. But I got used to it the first several days. I know, dumb of me. Well, yesterday, I poured a lil’ bit more coffee than usual. An hour or so later, I was at my desk working on stuff, and just out of nowhere, my heart started palpitating. I’ve never experienced this before, where I felt nothing (consciously) had triggered it. I wasn’t stressed (I don’t think?), nor did I think I was in a threat. But when my heart started racing, I thought I would get a heart attack or if I was in a panic attack. I had to trace back what I did or ate something that might’ve triggered it, and Lion’s Mane was the last thing that I came down to since I had experienced the combo of coffee with it. So, if I have anything to advise anyone, don’t take it with strong coffee. But it works, otherwise.
    November 4, 2021
    Been adding this to my morning detox smoothy. Has definitely chilled me out. Might be all the zen reading but might be this too. Good product. Thanks.
    Matthew Manan
    Oktober 2, 2021
    Great supplement. It helps with my depressive/anxious brain fog and feels like it gives me a light boost of energy. This supplement has been beneficial for my recovery my peace of mind after a severe fever-induced panic attack about a year ago. This, l-theanine (from tea), and niacin flushes have helped my brain feel a lot more comfortable. Not an overnight process, but I noticed some stimulating effects the first time I took it. I take 1-2 a day but started with three a day.
    Kamal Ogundimu
    August 10, 2021
    This stuff works great. I mean, it’s not like it’s weed or something, so I can’t simply say it’s solid or mild or akin to homegrown. I have a “knowingness” (I made that word up while on the product). Another way I know it works is because, when I run out, I get this phantom taste of it; it usually happens a week or so without it. Then I’m like, “Time to order.” For those complaining about it not dissolving in their coffee, keep a spoon in your cup and stir often. That’s what I do. Others have suggested blending, but that’s too much work and extra cleanup.
    Jack Homesley
    August 5, 2021
    I’d recommend mixing it into thicker food like oatmeal or a smoothie. It’s easiest for me to put in oatmeal personally since I don’t have a blender. I’ve noticed a significant increase in brain activity. As an artist, I do a decent amount of creative exercises. I think I’ve started to see patterns and images in abstract things more than I used to. Memory also seems to be improving. But it might be too soon to say for sure. Overall, things are going well. I do recommend it.
    Reese Hirota
    Juli 10, 2021
    I give this to my daughter, who has seizures and memory issues. It seems to be helping her. Her grades have improved, and she is not wandering around as much and trying to remember what she is supposed to be doing. She is 12. She takes 2 grams a day and has been using it for five months. Maybe I should start taking it too.
    Devika Bhandari
    Juli 10, 2021
    My 80-year-old father had a health scare a few years ago, and we found that Lions Mane could be helpful. He uses it daily in his morning decaf coffee. He thought he could feel a difference in just a few weeks. He reported feeling more energy and less brain fog. We had been buying from a different company, but it became hard to get and found this company. I am happier with this company and its policies and procedures to make and package it. He is doing great, and people remark that he doesn’t seem his age. He is quick thinking and memorizes stuff for his volunteer work, and everyone in the family noticed the difference within months. He has been using it for many years now and I am so happy we found it could be beneficial. It prompted me to begin using a mushroom blend myself (the same company). I appreciate that it is so readily available for shipment from Microdose.
    Tom Melcher
    Juni 24, 2021
    This product is BY FAR better than others that are out on the market. I started out with HD and thought I would try out others just to see if they would give the same benefit. I’m thankful I did only because it actually magnified by the difference. My cognitive function is better. I was suffering from “brain fog” brought on by stress. After taking this for about two weeks I started to feel the difference. My focus, word recall, work influence recall. The brain fog disappeared. I absolutely recommend this product.
    Elaine Robbins
    Mai 11, 2021
    Lion's Mane mushroom goes very well with matcha and soya milk. It gives me a sense of wellbeing and life seems brighter with it
    Bobbi Conklin
    April 6, 2021
    This is pure organic Lions Mane powder. I found it best to mix in a chocolate shake, Starbucks coffee drink with cream, or any other cream drink. It is a bit gritty if not blended enough or left to settle. But it blends well with my daily supplement regimen, and although it is hard to discern its direct efficacy, I think my overall health has improved since taking it. Always consult your physician before taking any supplement. I will use this mushroom powder as part of an experiment that Paul Stamets talked about on the Joe Rogan podcast a few years ago. I’ll learn whether or not it has the intended benefits Stamets theorized about. The worst thing that could happen is nothing. Enjoy your mushrooms.
    April 5, 2021
    This product does help memory and nerve issues, but it takes a few weeks to have an impact. I have used other Lionsmane before, but this is better quality AND a better price. It tastes great, so I love to mix it in my morning tea or coffee; the pills cost more and aren’t needed when it tastes this good!
    Martin Slot Hansen
    März 24, 2021
    I love this product, you really feel your brain gets a turbo boost! I've been recommending this to my friends and my family! But do yourself a favor and learn from my mistake, DON'T eat it straight out of the bag without any liquids, I only did this once! The powder is so fine, it will just laminate itself to your tongue and to the palate off your mouth 😉
    Daniel Gavrilov
    März 20, 2021
    My girlfriend recommenced Lion’s Mane Mushroom for excellent brain food. I needed some more brainpower with work, so I decided to try these. I’ve been taking them for two weeks now, and I definitely can notice a difference if I don’t take them. They also have helped with my mood. I don’t crash as hard as before. I take two in the morning when I wake up. I’m trying not to drink as much coffee, so this is helping fill that void. I hope this helps.
    Matthew McGarry
    März 2, 2021
    I absolutely can’t recommend this enough! I have been suffering from autoimmune-driven brain fog for months, and it happened on Lion’s Mane through free guides on Microdosebros. I immediately ordered some and noticed a positive result on the first try. After reading other reviews, I mixed it with hot water and drank it like tea. Honestly, it doesn’t taste great, but if it works, who cares! My mind hasn’t felt so clear in as long as I can remember; it also helps my muscle spasms in my legs. I like that it’s a natural product and grown here in NL.
    März 2, 2021
    I have MS and they are known to help repair nerve damage. I am very pleased with the product 😊
    Februar 9, 2021
    Taking lions mane and the other medical mushrooms this website has to offer ,has to be one of the best decisions I have ever made for my mental health , it is actually ground breaking and needs more research immediately. I would consider it a glitch in the system almost like a hack for your brain , since taking 3gs in my coffee every morning I feel increasingly better emotions and control of my emotions while have no social and general anxiety and I feel like my brain is more higher functioning and I feel way more creative and more motivation it’s great if you are challenged with any mental health problems as I once was. I couldn’t recommend this website more for all your related needs , the customer service is amazing and I will be referring all of my friends and family who are Intrested in all the added benefits that taking lions mane provides.
    Februar 9, 2021
    Taking lions mane and the other wide variety of medical mushrooms this website has to offer has to be one of the best decisions I have ever made for my mental health , it is actually ground breaking and needs more research immediately. I would consider it a glitch in the system almost like a hack for your brain , since taking 3gs in my coffee every morning I feel increasingly better emotions and control of my emotions while have no social and general anxiety and I feel like my brain is more higher functioning and I feel way more creative and more motivation it’s great if you are challenged with any mental health problems as I once was. I couldn’t recommend this website more for all your related needs , the customer service is amazing and I will be referring all of my friends and family who are Intrested in all the added benefits that lions mane provides.
    Carmen Gilliam
    Februar 3, 2021
    I typically have trouble remembering little things like where I put my keys or bring something with me when I leave the house and have improved since starting this supplement. I can’t rule out the placebo effect, but hey, whatever works!
    Januar 26, 2021
    I love love lions mane! This product has been helping me with my overall happiness and focus. It’s helped me a lot in the 10 days I’ve been drinking it. I put it in my coffee every morning and also a scoop for my shakes in the afternoon. I feel happy and it tastes great with my drinks. I can’t wait to feel the positive effects the longer I take it. I would reccomend to anyone and will buy again
    Januar 15, 2021
    I love this Lions mane with warm oat milk every day! It helps me focus on my morning working routine and gives me a sense of calm and clarity. I definitely will buy it again.
    Januar 13, 2021
    Lion`s mane has had a very positive effect on my mood and motivation. Having never heard of it before, Joseph gave me a lot of insight into this and many other mushrooms and their health benefits (some of which I also bought for my mom to help battle Lime`s disease where he helped me choose the best options). The in-depth advice and customer care of Joseph has been above and beyond and the international shipping was no problem.
    Januar 4, 2021
    Love this! Tiktok told me this was good for ADHD. I decided to try it, and on my first night of taking it, I pulled an all-nighter and finished a 10-page paper. Granted, I took breaks but very few in between! It maintained my focus, and I didn’t find myself on insta, Twitter, or TikTok like I always do! If you know, you know! The bag is small tho, heads up! Add to tea or coffee, and you won’t even be able to tell!

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